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Get the Products and Services You Need Without Spending Any of Your Hard-Earned Cash.

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Did you know that the age-old practice of barter continues to contribute to billions of dollars in commercial transactions each year? In todays challenging economic environment, business owners are realizing that conserving their cash is a smart and necessary way to protect the future growth of their company.

Instead of purchasing the items you need or want with cash, joining an established barter trade exchange gives you the ability to make these purchases with trade dollars that have been earned by selling your companys product or service specialty or excess inventory or production capacity to other active barter members.

It's All In Who You Know!    When you are in need of a product or service, it's more comforting when someone you know refers you to someone they know. As members of the Team Network, it is important that we use and refer good, honest companies to our friends and customers. We regularly use and recommend, with confidence, the services of our fellow Team members and therefore, you can too! "It's like having a friend in the business."    Please visit to learn more.