Team Connect Networking Workshop Event

Friday, May 3
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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Contract Essentials:
What your contracts MUST include to get paid and to reduce risk

Whether you have agreements with your customers or suppliers, every contract should be reviewed and updated periodically to make sure that it adequately protects the business.

Learn what your contract needs to make SURE get paid, what type of restrictive covenants you should include (and how to make sure they are enforceable), and why all that legalese actually matters. 


 * Learn how to create payment terms that cover the amount, timing and method of payment, as well as how to cover remedies for non-payment.

 * Learn what it means to be "reasonable" when creating restrictive covenants in contracts.

 * “Legalese” exists for a reason! Learn how to better protect your company.

This event is for business owners, those that work with business owners, and those that want to network with business owners. 


 - Private room

 - Focused networking

 - Light Refreshments

 - Information that will help you build your business.


The Speaker:

Jordan Savitz Business Attorney

Jordan Savitz, a Senior Associate at JDKatz, was raised at the intersection of business and law: both of his parents were law school graduates and business owners. Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment, Mr. Savitz learned to love the challenges inherent in growing a successful business, and understood the importance of small business in the community.

Mr. Savitz leverages this background, and his passion for solving the challenges of entrepreneurship, to understand his clients’ business model and strategic objectives and to provide practical legal advice that hedges against current and future risks. Mr. Savitz advises clients in all stages of the business life cycle. He assists clients with matters including, but not limited to, choice of entity, complex operating and stockholder agreements, compliance with Rule 506 of Regulation D, real estate leasing, employment issues, website terms and conditions, trademark filing and disputes, complex contract drafting and negotiation, as well as stock and asset purchase agreements.

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