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Holistic Health Associates
Ryan Diener
603 W Patrick St Ste B
Frederick, MD 21701
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We elevate the health of our community through inspiration, education, and care; one personal relationship at a time.


Holistic Health Associates strives to be an example and hold a vision of wellness for our patients: caring for, inspiring, and educating all aspects of their lives as they relate to wholeness and health. 


Our goal is to simultaneously hold a space for those in need of healing while encouraging them to grow and develop so they can take educated and effective action to lead healthy, productive, enriched lives, realizing their potential to affect life in a positive way.


We are a center of wellness minded people with a passion to share our knowledge and commitment to leading healthy lifestyles and healing. 


Our complimentary medicine experts specialize in a wide range of holistic modalities including:

  * Acupuncture 
  * Massage
  * Nutrition and more

We are constantly searching for ways to expand our knowledge and services and we strive to revitalize, heal, and energize our clients in their quest for holistic alternatives and wellness.


The staff and practitioners at Holistic Health Associates promote wellness in all aspects of our patients’ lives through inspiration, education and care. Holistic Health Associates has become a place where certified practitioners and caring staff can facilitate wellness collaboratively, maximizing benefits to each individual patient. We simultaneously hold a space for those in need of healing while encouraging them to grow and develop. Combining knowledge and resources in order to improve the health of a larger population, has been the goal of our founders since day 1. 


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