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08/16/19 09:52 AM

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Stephanie Bonte-Lebair of The Empowered Voice


AI Graphic

Be one of the first people in the world...
See a live demo of an Artificial Intelligence Program that instantly identifies someone's personality type and then helps you communicate more powerfully with them (via text, email, or in person). 

 Join me LIVE on September 4th - register here

Stephanie Bonte-Lebair
Level 4 Licensed and Certified Trainer with BANKCODE

Visit this site for more information.

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08/08/19 10:47 AM

Category: Promoting An Event
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Kay Loughrey of Sweet Life Wellness

Hello Fellow Team Members, 

My name is Kay Loughrey. I am a registered dietitian and nutritionist. My company, Sweet Life Wellness, offers health, wellness, and success coaching to people looking for their “Play Big” results. 

I am honored to have been asked to be the featured speaker on August 13th at Launch Workplaces. 

IT'S FREE TO ATTEND - I hope you decide to join us. 

To learn more about me, follow this link to My Team Network Profile. 

What's Eating You?

Do you know what’s causing you to make choices that you later regret? Find out whether it’s what you’re eating or what’s eating you that is causing you to make choices that are unhealthy and are affecting your weight, relationships, and business.
This Webinar is for you if you want to stop:
  • Eating when you're stressed or tired to fill a void;
  • Going on and off punishing diets and gaining weight;
  • Having an unhealthy relationship with food; or
  • Eating in a way that is endangering your health?
From this Webinar you will take away:
  • Awareness of your biggest block to making better choices.
  • Three steps to making better choices and growing your confidence and success.
  • Access to Kay's most powerful tool, the Choice Point Analyzer. This tool gives you the complete process to making better choices so you can start benefiting right away.
Register today for a valuable free Webinar being held on Tues. August 13th from 3:30 – 4:15 pm hosted by Launch Workplaces. I’ll be talking about, "What’s Eating You?" Find out what’s causing you to make choices you later regret and what to do about it.
Please join us for this Launch into Wellness free webinar! Open to Launch members, their guests, and anyone else who struggles with weight issues!

Register today! This free Webinar will be live and recorded!

After you sign up for the webinar, you will receive the call-in information for the webinar.
Click here to register and for more information.


Visit this site for more information.

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07/18/19 04:43 PM

Category: Announcing!
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Kay Loughrey of Sweet Life Wellness

Hi Team Members. Coach and Nutritionist Kay Loughrey here. 




At our joint Team Network meeting on July 11th, I announced an enhanced version of the genetic testing and nutrition coaching service that Sweet Life Wellness now offers. The new Enhanced Nutrigenomix Precision Nutrition Coaching package makes it possible for you to match your nutrition genetic variants with your lifestyle needs more precisely and quickly to reach your health, weight, and nutrition goals.
So many people have taken advantage of our Nutrigenomix nutrition coaching service.  Here’s how the Nutrigenomix Personalized Nutrition Coaching helped Stephanie (excerpted from our Website.
"Now I know what foods are really good for me and what areas I need to focus on based on my genetic profile. Nutrigenomix Personalized Nutrition Coaching really cuts through all the food programs out there and tells me exactly what is right for ME! Love the simple approach and suggestions Kay gave me on how to move forward in a way that is doable and easy!”   

This new Enhanced Nutrigenomix Precision Nutrition Coaching Package includes the same comprehensive genetic saliva test of 45 genetic markers developed by world-renowned researchers. You also receive 3 coaching sessions, now expanded to include a comprehensive lifestyle and nutrition assessment so we can pinpoint the easiest and quickest way for you to reach your goals.
The enhanced Nutrigenomix package also includes a complete report, analysis, and targeted goal setting and accountability to more quickly and fully clarify where to focus your actions and achieve success.
I love helping people who want customized advice about how to meet their health goals in a way that is simple, and easy to apply.
Discover the value of taking a simple genetic saliva test and receiving comprehensive precision nutrition coaching so you can eat according to your genes.  Watch this video and learn more about Nutrigenomix.

Visit our Website to get more details about the new Enhanced  Nutrigenomix Precision Nutrition Coaching Package.
Take advantage of the Summer Savings offer.  Enroll in this new Enhanced Nutrigenomix Precision Nutrition Coaching service by July 26th before the price change takes effect on July 29th
Save by enrolling now. Book your 15-minute free consult today so you can get the details about the Enhanced NUTRIGENOMIX Precision Nutrition Coaching Package. Call: 301-869-1787 (option 1).


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06/25/19 01:51 PM

Category: Announcing!
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Dr. Matthew Mintz of Matthew Mintz MD LLC



You have probably heard about CBD.  It's been in the news alot and popping up everywhere (including Bed, Bath, and Beyond).  But what is CBD? 


The marijuana plant contains both THC and CBD, which are biologically active compounds that each help with a variety of medical conditions.


CBD Oil Dr. Matthew Mintz

THC is what makes you high, but CBD has no psychoactive properties. 

CBD by itself is particularly good for inflammation (arthritis), and anxiety. 


While you can get CBD from marijuana, it also can be found in a related plant called hemp.  Because hemp has almost no THC, it is legal everywhere.  Unfortunately, hemp based CBD is not regulated by the FDA, so finding a high quality product at a reasonable price is a challenge.


It is important that if you use hemp based CBD, you obtain it from a reputable company, you ensure that it is full spectrum, and most importantly be sure it is verified/lab tested by and independent 3rd party.  


Because of this complexity in getting high quality, affordable CBD; I have been offering CBD to my patients for the last few months, and I am pleased to announce that I am now offering CBD to the public. 


I have the highest quality CBD at the lowest price anywhere in town or online. 


You can come to my office or go to my website ( to puchase.  I can send it directly to your home, or you can pick up in my Bethesda office for free. 


While my prices are already the lowest... for Team Network members, I am offering an additional $10 each bottle (no limit). 

Just put in the code "TEAM" at checkout.  I also offer free brief consultations if you are interested in using CBD. 


CLICK HERE to learn more about me, about CBD, and to procure some for yourself at a deep discount. 


Visit this site for more information.

Download this pdf file for more information.

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05/13/19 09:45 AM

Category: Promoting An Event
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Karen Kalantzis of Launch Workplaces

Protect Your House: Essential Intellectual Property

Thursday, May 16 at Launch Workplaces 

8:00 AM to 10:00 AM



You’ve got a fantastic idea, a marketing plan, and (possibly) some cash in your pocket – you’re ready to get started! Protecting your domain name, corporate name, brand, patent, trademarks, copyrights, know-how and trade secrets are some of your highest priorities. What should you be focusing on? What do you attack first? How do you develop a unified IP strategy? Come learn from the experts as they share tips on what works and what doesn’t.

The event will take place at LAUNCH GAITHERSBURG,9841 Washingtonian Blvd, #200, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 and begins at 8:00 a.m. Networking will follow, ending at 10:00 a.m. A light breakfast will be served. Parking is free in the adjacent garage.

The Emerging Company Roundtables, are designed to facilitate discussions between like-minded individuals covering a range of issues essential to early stage companies. Speakers will introduce valuable topics and generate conversations surrounding strategies to overcome business challenges and enhance the likelihood of success.

Launch Workplaces

9841 Washingtonian Blvd, #200
Rockville, MD 20850

Karen Kalantzis 301.232.3301

Visit this site for more information.

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03/28/19 09:50 AM

Category: Promoting An Event
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Sherill Stitz of Dream Vacations - Platinum Travel Associates

Join Health Unlimited & Dream Vacations for a community event in beautiful St. Michaels for the annual Winefest.     


Sherill Stitz - Dream Vacations (301) 370-5317


Download this pdf file for more information.

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