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When I met Rouzanna Oganissian, Vice President of Business Relationships at Rockville’s Capital Bank, I knew Team Network was the perfect business network for her. Rouzanna soon joined our team and her bank proactively seized the first opportunity to host a Marty. They gave a very informative presentation. I was so impressed, I opened an account. The personal services have been unprecedented. Rouzanna signed me up for my new accounts at a Team Network Huddle. Then, to top that, she brought Nikhil Bijlani, the Product Manager, to my office to set up my computer’s link to Capital Bank. Best of all, I do not have to drive to the bank to deposit all the checks I receive. I photograph each check and my banking is completed through a Remote Deposit app on my IPhone! Forget banker’s hours. I bank on Sunday, at Midnight or 6 AM, whenever it is convenient ME. Perhaps Rouzanna and Capital Bank can save YOU some valuable time.

- Susan Bell HillTop Gardens

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